My Journey

When I was very young, I was in a car accident and suffered from severe whiplash. The accident did not stop the over ambitious drive I had as a young girl. I had dreams, big dreams. If you knew the continual challenges my family faced you would start to think it would only ever be a dream. I went to school, experienced the country life and became very sick in high school. I suffered from tonic clonic seizures which became uncontrollable. The medical team I had did the best they could to care for me, but I unfortunately had many health questions still unanswered. Currently, I am still facing a medical history that is quite unbelievable. But I truly do love and appreciate the life I am given. 

My last greatest challenge was finishing my teaching degree to become a Special Needs Teacher. My mum and husband are in the pictures with me on the day I graduated. I never allowed the failed subjects, the medical issues and the trauma of life events stop me from achieving my dreams! I thrive on the challenge to grow and learn! I have a passion to help people know that they are empowered and heard no matter the journey they are on.

I hope my Empowered Living Planner truly helps you like it will me. It is filled with the essentials to help you navigate your journey. 

- Aleesha x