Medical Inclusion

Plan with a purpose today


a resource to help you feel empowered to improve the quality of your life

Take a breath + Relax

dream big & Make a plan

The Why

For as long as I can remember the hospital was my second home. After having a relapse in my health after becoming a teacher I wanted my life to mean more then a diagnosis. The Vera Collective is more then a product its a community to help parents, guardians, carers and individuals plan and navigate their life with an additional need.  

Continuing the legacy

The most beautiful women in my life. As a child I remember how I felt around her: loved, safe and full of faith. I didn't want just another business name nor did I want just another product on the market. I intend on making a difference just like my nana did. Sadly she passed away from Cancer when I was younger. To say I am excited to continue her name would be an understatment! I hope you feel empowered, loved, supported and safe in this community!.

The Planner

A medical planner designed to help you feel empowered to live your life and improve the quality of it.

It is jammed pack including 440 pages. Starting the planner of with support team documentation and mediction lists.

Daily scheduling which also includes goal setting, grateful points, water intake, mood intake and exercise tracker. At the end of each month it also includes: NDIS, Support Network, Education Consults and Carer Notes. Every section has a reminder at the bottom of the page to help you remember those important questions to ask. No more lost note pads and bits of paper.